Scottish Sport Futures

Annual Report 2019

What We Did

Print + Typography

Is there a better way to help and educate young people than through sport? That’s what Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) do. We’ve been working with them for almost 10 years now, as well as some of their other programmes: Education Through Cashback, Active East, Jump 2 It, and Twilight Basketball.

Showcasing the SSF’s success

Every year, we design and print the Impact Report. This document outlines what’s happening with the company and what they’ve managed to achieve - so shareholders, funders and partner organisations can learn about it.

It’s also used as a sales tool for potential new funders. This year, we wanted something a little different. It had to be bold, vibrant and create a new graphical tone. We edited the volume of text and created more space for shapes and photography.

How do you introduce movement to a printed document?

Our aim was presenting the statistics in a visual way - so it could be digested quickly. Because of the nature of the report (i.e. sport), we wanted to create an illusion of movement throughout, so we used graphic shapes to break-up the pages and develop a flow.

The client loved the use of graphic shapes (and so did we), so it’s going to be something that features heavily in the new SSF Social Enterprise Programme. Can’t wait!

Design of a luxury presentation case and contents for a limited edition Peter Howson signed and numbered print.

Brother Walfrid

Complete design of a book and its content for NWP, as part of an exhibition at the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow.

Scottish Gold

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