Annual Review & Conference Materials

What We Did

Graphic Design + Annual Review

Creativity knows no bounds. Every year, EVH produce an annual review; and every year the theme is entirely different. One year, it was a recipe book (complete with every pun they could ‘cook’ up). The year after it was all about emojis (smiley face!). The most recent was a 12-page folded subway map - using some of the world’s most well-known (and oddly-named!) stations.

A license to design

The EVH annual report is one of our favourite projects as we get to create something different every time. This year, it was ‘Mission Possible’ - complete with drilled bullet holes through the cover, polaroid pictures worthy of any spythemed James Bond fanatic.

This quirky approach to their report is well-loved by the EVH team and its members. The information suddenly becomes much more interesting and engaging than ever before.

“It’s not your standard Annual Report, there tends to be a lot of creativity that goes into it every year in terms of its format or design.”

Neil Anderson

Are you looking for something different?

Creatively, this project opens a huge amount of fun for us; something to get our teeth into. In fact, this approach has opened the door for other organisations who come to us looking for ‘something different’ for their reports and documents. Has it piqued your interest?

But the big question is: what’s the theme for next year? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Design of a luxury presentation case and contents for a limited edition Peter Howson signed and numbered print.

Brother Walfrid

Complete design of a book and its content for NWP, as part of an exhibition at the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow.

Scottish Gold

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