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What We Did

Illustration + Graphic Design + Wall Murals

When you think of London, what comes to mind? Big Ben? London taxis? It’s the iconic landmarks that make the city. So when Entrepreneurial Spark asked us to create murals (very large ones!) for their new London Hub, we were very excited.

Inspiring future entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Spark help entrepreneurs to develop the right mindset and skills to turn their business into successes. They’ve helped over 3,868 start-ups who, between them, have turned-over more than £600 million! We’ve worked with the Entrepreneurial Spark before on other projects, such as launch materials for events, powerpoint presentations, team uniforms, banner-stands, ID badges, branded disposable coffee cups etc.

The brief? Edgy murals!

This project was for their 13th Hub, in London Regent Street. We were asked to create murals in a style that was edgy, non-corporate, part Banksy/part revolution, with a dash of humour - and of course, it had to feature London.

We threw ourselves into this project, creating some wonderful hand-stencilled graffiti style pieces of work. These now adorn the walls throughout the Hub. You’ll find: a taxi being pulled through the air by pigeon power; a typical London telephone box (complete with not-so-naughty calling cards!); Big Ben; some nattily dressed pigeons in Grenadier Guardsman uniforms; and many more - including empowering messages converted into wall graphics.

The largest mural was a cityscape of London, highlighting some of the most recognisable London landmarks. Quiz time: have a look and see if you can identify them all.

From London to Glasgow…

The client was delighted with the artwork - and so were we. As a result, we were commissioned to create the murals for the new Glasgow Hub too. Of course, it features: the traffic-coned Duke of Wellington; a bottle of Irn-Bru; a blue telephone box (could it be the Tardis?). What other ones can you spot?

Design of a luxury presentation case and contents for a limited edition Peter Howson signed and numbered print.

Brother Walfrid

Complete design of a book and its content for NWP, as part of an exhibition at the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow.

Scottish Gold

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