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If there’s one thing that most creative or digital agencies have in common, it’s that one of the last things to get done is your own website. Between designing websites for clients or creating logos, reports, packaging and what have you, there just isn’t time for doing the in-house stuff. It often gets pushed back to make way for projects that pay the bills.

But the more observant among you will have noticed that this here blog on this here website is our blog on our very own website. The Melvin Creative website is live at long last. It’s packed full of case studies and reviews to make us blush, as well as more info about what we do. We couldn’t be more pleased with it.

And with this great website comes great responsibility. Each month, we’ll be setting aside time to update you on what we’ve been up to. We’ll share behind-the-scenes looks at projects we’ve been working on, from concept to artboard to publication. We’ll also tell you what we’ve been doing outside the office – be it networking events, or be it community involvement and mentoring projects. 

We’ll also take it upon ourselves to write the occasional how-to post. Maybe you’ll learn something, maybe we’ll learn something. Got any questions about our work, or the creative industry? Put them in a comment below, or an email, envelope, carrier pigeon, whatever, and send them to us. Maybe you’ll find your answer in a future blog post.

So, here goes. See you next month!

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