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We’re back to tell you about the past month at Melvin Creative. It’s been a varied month for us, as we got out from behind our desks and went out into the big and (as it turns out) not-so-bad world of networking. And it wasn’t just because of the Fortnite blackhole.

To B2B or not to B2B?

So first off, I (Michael Melvin, blog-writer in chief at Melvin Creative) joined the B2B Glasgow pilot project, a business development group set up by Colin McDermott (he of over 11,000 connections on LinkedIn fame!). The project’s aim is to provide a platform for business owners to share ideas, discuss issues and help each get to where we want to be with our respective businesses. All with a friendly supportive group helping us along the way. Check it out at

At the time of writing we're about six weeks in to the B2B project. We catch up each week with a group video chat over ZOOM. We talk about our week and are set tasks to complete before our next chat. This could be, for example, getting back in touch with five clients who have been quiet for a while, or considering recruiting freelance or part-time staff to free up time to let us concentrate on work rather than admin. I’m pleased to report that I’m staying on top of my homework and it's going well so far – stay tuned for more updates each month! 

If you're interested in getting into the world of networking, you can get in touch with Colin directly and try out one of the B2B networking events:

Flying with the Windmill Hill Dragons

We are also delighted to tell you that Melvin Creative are the proud sponsors of the Windmill Hill Dragon's Football Team for season 2019/2020. Windmill Hill are part of the Merseyside and Halewood league. Although MC isn’t based in the North-West of England, we do have business connections there. We have provided their season's kit, and we’re pleased as punch to report that the Dragons are already top of the league.

…And brewing up some business

True to this month’s theme, I also attended the Glasgow East End Connections networking event at Drygate Brewery. Drygate is in one of the oldest parts of Glasgow, next to Tennent's Brewery. And last month it was home to more than the usual craft brews and bottles: newcomers (like me!) and members/non-members of Glasgow EEC alike gathered to share their stories and businesses. Members and premium members get between five minutes and 20 seconds to present their businesses to you, while non-members get to dip their toes in the water with a ten-second elevator pitch (which was much harder than you may think!). It was fantastic hearing about the diverse businesses in Glasgow’s East End while enjoying friendly atmosphere and plenty of tea and coffee. Will I join? Possibly. Will I go to the next one? Definitely!

If you think this event might be one for you, get in touch Fiona Colbron-Brown, Founding Director of East End Connections (

And that’s you all caught up on this month at MC! Until next time.

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